Artist Statement


My artwork is energetic and free, loose yet representational, and always filled with a heightened color sense.  Brushstrokes tend to be big and bold and loosely rendered.  Sculptures exhibit the same freedom, inspired by an expanded reality that only art can reach.  Subjects tend to vary as much as the colors – my style is defined by my enhanced colors and lively brushstrokes and not by my subjects.  Paintings are as likely to be figures as landscapes, still lifes as wildlifes, strictly dependent on the momentary inspiration.

I find inspiration to be abundant yet fleeting, easily startled and frightened away. I approach life, creation, and art with constant wonder, observe and absorb all around me, borrow parts of the present for future scenes in a life-long art play.

Often the idea and inspiration lead to so much more than initially envisioned. While my process is far from accidental it is also not completely purposeful. This intersection of accident and purpose defines the work as more or less successful. I tend to work with a carefree approach, seeking the reward beyond the risk, allowing the accident to inform the painting.  I am enthralled by the process of creation and am especially thrilled when the final product reveals that energy.